With more than 4 billion people accessing the internet worldwide, it makes sense why you should invest in a strong online brand presence. 

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Search Engine Optimization

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Responsive Website Design

We’ll design a website that looks great across all devices

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Google is home to millions of targeted leads and it’s our responsibility to take advantage.

Why choose our Digital Marketing Agency?

As Toronto SEO Agency, we focus on increasing your leads and sales and not just offer you particular marketing solutions. Our years of experience servicing Toronto clients in a wide range of businesses have shown us that an in-depth understanding of a business is crucial to creating and executing proactive strategies that will set your business apart from the competition and boost your bottom line.

Being experts in Toronto SEO, we take the time to comprehend and enhance your digital marketing strategy, find new strategic opportunities and get on a new path towards quality lead generation and higher conversion rates. Our goal is to create a clear and easy plan for quick and simple implementation. We cut out all the jargon and buzzwords to develop a detailed marketing strategy that is tailored to your business needs.

Once you hire us, we combine modern SEO insight with business savvy and comprehensive attention to your goals. This way we are able to place your business in front of consumers that are actively searching for what your company has to offer.

Expert Communication Once you get into partnership with us, you will have direct access with a dedicated project manager or the expert running your campaign at all times.

Good ROI Working with us provides your business with significant savings. Our digital marketing packages are offered at competitive prices. We make sure to leave no stone unturned to ensure a proper return from every penny invested in the project.

Why You Should Work With Our SEO Agency?

We Listen As a Toronto SEO expert, we strive to understand our client’s business goals first. This way, all other decisions can be made with these goals in mind.

100% Transparency Although Digital marketing can be complicated, sometimes, it is made worse by agencies that do not know how to explain things. This is how we strive to ensure our clients understand the basics: • What we are doing • Why we are doing it

Innovative and Passionate Our strong passion for innovation and creativity makes us great digital marketing and Toronto SEO experts. We are continually striving to find new and creative ways to enhance the revenue levels of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

From your own definition, how can you define SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  is a way of optimizing your website and making necessary changes in accordance with search engines rules in order for your website to be ranked higher.

How is SEO important?

Search engine optimization is very important in that it allows companies to get more traffics organically(free) for their websites.

Do you guarantee top rankings?

We don’t guarantee top SEO rankings . There are too many factors such as search engines algorithms changes that’s out of our control. However, some of the key factors for better ranking is to have strong backlinks from authoritative domains and deliver quality content to your readers.

Can you define backlinks and their importance?

Backlinks, also known as Inbound Links are hyperlinks that send traffic to your website from other sites. The importance of these links is that they are one the major factor for ranking any website.

How Much SEO Cost?

It depends on your goals and several factors such as: 1) How strong is the competition in your industry? 2) The size of your website and how many pages need to be optimized. 3) How many technical / UX (User Experience) issues currently exist on the website? 4)How strong are the backlinks and content on the site? DomainMecca will provide you a custom price that’s suitable for your business.

What's the difference between SEO and Google Ads?

SEO is more time consuming and ongoing process but once you get the desired rankings, you will get organic traffic in search results. Whereas Google Ads, you will always have to pay in order for your Ads to show up.

What types of web designs do you know?

1) Single page web design: this is best for only refined web does not fit every web purposes butt only those that are detailed. 2) Typography web design: this design gives you the first impression before going into details of the information searched. This is ranked the most creative design in the website world. 3) Minimalist web design: this web design uses illustrations with the aim of only illustrating the main concepts and essential information; it get rid of any distraction while displaying the most basic information. 4) Illustrative web design: this web design uses illustrations and drawings in order to display the message. It can be the best for computer learners like children.

How would you like to be paid?

1) For SEO projects, we collect the full amount at the start of the contract. 2) For Web projects, we collect %50 at the start of the project and the rest once the project is completed. Customers are allowed two revisions; after that extra fees will be applied depending on the job task.

How long would you recommend we work with you?

We would be pleased to keep you as long the services we offer are useful to you. Typically for SEO projects, we recommend our clients 6 months to 1 year contract.

Is there any penalty if I cancel my contract?

There’s no penalty if you decide to cancel your contract with us. However, please give us 30 days notice so we don’t bill you for the following month.



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